The MOST ADVANCED Targeting Software Created To Date, Giving You Laser Precise Results That Get Your Messages Seen ONLY By Passionate Buyers.

Finally: your chance to become one of the few marketers who has an unfair advantage over your competition with this precise targeting software raking in profits from your Ads on a daily basis at WILL!
Today you can get access to this complete targeting software with additional advanced training others are paying THOUSANDS for, from other Internet Marketers

The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To InstantlyIncrease Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation
We will change the way to you do Ad Campaign Targeting and generate leads over FACEBOOK FOREVER!
The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation

Unlock Competitors Ads

No more testing to see if results can be targeted. Every result in FBMarketSPY can be used in your FB ads. This is going to save you time and make you far more money.

Advanced Market Research

Use our graph search templates to execute the most advanced graph search strings to spy down into your niche and competition. You can get super targeted with this feature meaning that a higher percentage of visitors are going to buy from you

Find Hidden Audiences

No more testing to see if results can be targeted. Every result in FBMarketSPY can be used in your FB ads. This is going to save you time and make you far more money.
The Graph Search Spy:
Find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose – Pages, Groups, Restaurants, and many other clusters of users, who are prone to engaging with Ads like yours!
The Interest Spy:
Find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad… Leading to amazing sales and conversions.
The Post Spy:
Get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business! Or find out what your target markets are talking about right now, so you can appeal to them by creating Ads that include current trends that interest THEM!
Make Every Single Ad You Create Will Work For YOU, Better Than Before!
You’ll never have to split test any more targeting options EVER again.

Just run the software, take the suggested interests and demographics that contain HOT potential leads, and target them with your ads!
Stop competing with 90% of other marketers out there who don’t know how to target on a deep-level and start targeting smarter
  • You Can Now Stop Targeting Bots’ Profiles and Pages Which Other Software’s Do, And Finally Search For REAL Keywords That Are Being Used By REAL People to find those passionate about a specific topic
  • Easily Copy And Paste That Data Into Your Next Ad Campaign 
  • Direct Your Ad Viewers To Grow Your List, Sell Your Products or Promote CPA Offers And Generate Commissions! 
  • Increase Your ROI By Spending Less On Your Ads, And Getting Better Conversions And Results With Smarter Targeting 
  • And It All Works Utilizing The Hottest Source Of Traffic Right Now… Facebook! 
  • Now You Can Turn More Of Your Ad Traffic Into Real, Genuine Leads With The Push Of A Few Buttons
How did we grow our FACEBOOK page by paying just $0.01 per lead?
Driving masses of leads?

FB Market Spy Uses Facebook’s Own Technology To Automatically Churn Out The Highest Converting Interests To Aide In Your Targeting For ANY Niche And Turn Your Facebook Ads Into Lead Generation Machines.

Here’s How easy it is!

Created To Help The Most In-experienced Newbies

All you need is a Facebook account and this software!
Here's the thing.... You probably already know a think or two about creating a fan page and getting some cheap “like’s”

But have those likes resulted in any serious profit yet?

Why does that cause such a problem? Why is it so hard?

Because before today if you wanted to turn your ‘fans’ or just general Facebook Users into ‘leads’ over Facebook, you had two pretty average options:

1. Send them to an external landing page outside Facebook hoping it converts, or

2. Drop hundreds, if not thousands in Facebook Ad Spend, only to find your list hasn’t really grown by much…and NO sales are coming through.

No doubt you’ve lost money trying these in the past…

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself “There must be an easier way!!!!”

This is an AWESOME tool to deep dive into niches and get creative with ideas. My team will be using this tool immediately to find new niches and get creative in our core niches. Great job Brad!

Matt Schmitt Creator of AI Targeting System and PiScaled

This might turn out to be my favorite, most used targeting tool, the UI is beautiful, lightening fast, heavy with features, overall Grade A (+) stuff here and I highly recommend you grab it to help greatly improve your targeting!

Ezra Wyckoff Creator of T-Shirt Cheetah
But wait, that’s not all you're getting... we truly believe that armed with this software nothing will stop you... but we don’t want you to stop with this software! We want you to blow your competition away and make more money than you EVER have online… so we created:

We’re going to go into great detail in this system about exactly how we drive masses of traffic utilizing the FBMarketSPY Software & System over Facebook for CHEAPER traffic and leads!

Not only that but we’re going to show you our exact campaigns where we utilize one of Facebook’s most powerful but underutilized advertisement calls-to-action to generate clicks for next to nothing bringing in an impressive ROI!

You’re also going to learn how you can generate traffic over Facebook at WILL whether it’s for your own business or that of your clients. This all ties in smoothly with the FBMarketSPY software because with just a copy then paste you can choose whether you want to run more cost-effective affiliate campaigns, CPA campaigns or client campaigns and immediately start generating a profit.

This is the BEST way you’ll find for generating a massive profit in 2016! This is the system that’s going to help you break through!

Even our students are having massive success using this course, check out what some of our friends and Beta Testers have to say about FBMarketSPY:
We want to ensure that you can reach the same success we, our beta testers and many of our current customers have reached so on top of everything you’re already getting we’re going to add in a complete 90 minute workshop all about how to utilize FBMarketSPY… Watch this incredible training session as we showcase this software, system in action!

In just a few days after opening this Training System is going to be sold for no less than $27, but it is included for you - 100% free when you grab copy of FBMarketSPY right now. This is the ONLY place you’ll see a software like this! …And even if there was one there is literally no chance that you’d get such a comprehensive training system included with it! …not including the MASSIVE discount that you’re receiving for being a student at Local Marketing University. Click the button below to get immediate access to FBMarketSPY and the comprehensive system for making money utilizing this software.

Before I forget I must remind you… right now this is a ONE TIME fee… no monthly, no trial periods then exorbitant fees. You get EVERYTHING today for a one time fee. You’ve heard for too long… people making money hand over fist over Facebook. It’s now time that you claimed your piece of the pie!

Don’t wait! Don’t risk missing out. Your investment in yourself and your business is 100% risk free with an ironclad guarantee. Satisfy your curiosity and grab this software right now.

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